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May 4 06 5:42 AM

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Hi have got a JC-DET X4 engine for sale - brand new never used.
Based on the JB-DET engine so will suit Copen or 4cyl Mira TRXX thingy.
713cc engine twin cam, sequential injection, BB large turbo, VVT, motorsport
forged pistons, conrods and crank, revs to 9000rpm, bigger injectors and so on.

118bhp output at 15psi, told it can run at 24psi with no internal modifications which is about

I have had two X4's now, first one totally standard ran at 20psi for several years
without a hitch - 50mpg and 0-60 in 6.6 seconds also holds lap records at Curborough.

Offered a works X4 from Daihatsu Japan, snapped it up and it came with a full race package,
spare engines etc.

Am selling some of the spare bits off such as this complete new engine.

Also have the following:
Works inlet manifold
Works throttle body
Works exhaust manifold and downpipe
Works 165bhp cylinder head. (titaninum sodium valves)
Works pistons and conrods and bearings (ceraamic coated no less!)
New turbo in box
New injectors

Selling off bits to fund new Daihatsu race car.

In my opinion this is the most cost effective way to increase the performance of your Copen or Mira
without affecting drivability or reliability. No loud exhausts or naff air filters.

I have the original engine output charts from Daihatsu of this X4 engines to prove figures and
original invoices etc !

If interested in any of the above please send an email to me at:
[email protected]


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May 4 06 5:17 PM

Sorry for any confusion.

This engine is the same engine as fitted to the Copen and to the Mira, physically it would be a straight engine swap.

It is just modified for the Daihatsu Storia X4 which was Daihatsu's motorsport
model in Japan.

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May 5 06 8:52 AM

Please also bear in mind that the other components will fit a standard
copen or mira trxx 4cyl engine.

for instance the works manifold will take the larger turbo which I also have
so you could upgrade your car to the larger turbo without much hassle.

I'll look at the turbo to get the exact code but it a size up from the standard
copen / mira turbo.

The standard turbo will struggle to make more than 100bhp the bigger turbo can make 195bhp.

The works head will bolt straight on, lightweight valve train designed to handle high boost and high temperature 30psi !

There must be some speed freaks that own a Copen ? or TRXX ?

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May 9 06 11:15 AM

This are what I am asking for the parts or make an offer:

Complete 'brand' new X4 4cyl engine inc turbo £1750

Works intercooler (front mount) + works piping £275

NEW Works exhaust manifold + NEW RHF4 Ball bearing turbo £550

NEW Works Inlet manifold with New Works Throttle body £250

Selection of works large injectors that are suitable £50 each
(need to check sizes) think I have a dozen or so different cc ratings

All parts and engine will fit the 4cyl JB engined vehicle.

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#5 [url]

May 12 06 7:22 AM

Hi, Just to keep you informed.

The works front mount intercooler and pipe set has been sold
So has the works manifold and RHFB turbo, the turbo when I checked
actually turned out to be a works group N DRS turbo.

The engine looks like it might be sold, though several people still interested so theirs a queue.

All that remains are works inlet manifold and larger throttle body, larger injectors 185cc and 250cc.

I have works overbore pistons and conrods as well open to offers these are ceramic coated, lightweight items - not sure what they are worth - they look expensive.

Oh and not forgetting the works stage 2 head which has the sodium lightweight valves to put power up to 165ps.

Got a downpipe but that might be only useful for the chap that bought the turbo or that might buy the X4 engine.

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Aug 10 14 5:51 PM

if i ask u courier to malaysia. it take how long?

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